the first co2 negative flags

flags.earth is...

the regenerative alternative for polyester flags.


The world's strongest natural fibres. A lifespan over twice as long. Fewer flags to buy, more storms to conquer.


Absorbs CO2 twice faster than trees. In our low emission supply chain we absorb 1kg of CO2 for every m2 of delivered flag.


Using hemp for reforestation, improving soil quality and more. Flags with a sustainable brand identity.

brilliant colors

The world's most sustainable full color print. With high-tech weaving and printing for premium, strong, lively colors.

the road to change

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of the world’s flags are made of petroleum
that's why
we created the world's first
eco friendly flags
to compete in this industry
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our goal
hemp flags
as the
industry standard
why hemp?

Founded in Amsterdam, we are building a global network dedicated to advancing innovation, production and distribution with hemp.

Our impact is focused towards marginalised communities and we are driven by a desire to regenerate currently destructive systems, inspired by an emerging regenerative renaissance.

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check our regenerative ecosystem
Help create environmental impact while supporting sustainable livings in the Himalaya. Explore...
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