EarthFlag Foundation

EarthFlag Foundation's mission is all about spreading awareness for the EarthFlag's global significance. Because they operate without commercial activity, they wanted the EarthFlag merchandise to be completely independent from their operations. This started as a challenge since EarthFlag Foundation aimed to support a flag that wasn't being produced by anyone. To assist in their cause, EarthFlag Store emerged as part of EarthFlags.

We've always maintained a stock of EarthFlags, allowing us to quickly provide flags whenever EarthFlag Foundation planned an event. A lot of these events were last-minute, and we were able to support them due to our existing stock.

The EarthFlag wasn't widely recognised enough for EarthFlag Store to boost sales significantly, so to this day, this has been a voluntary initiative without any commercial drive for over two years. However, this journey laid the groundwork for our current activities. We pioneered the creation of the EarthFlag as a first hemp-made flag, marking a significant eco-friendly flag production milestone.

EarthFlag Foundation proudly became the first to work with genuinely sustainable flags, leading the way for a market shift in the flag industry.